Fear from a 7 year olds perspective:The Swimming Pool Incident.

Today my wife and I quite enjoy the water. We have a small pool in our backyard, and even though I affectionately call it our chemical dump (due to the amount of chlorine I dump in it each summer), it certainly cools us off on 116 degree Phoenix days. While I thoroughly love the water today, as a kid I was terrified. For a 7 year old it represented the great unknown. I remember a particular incident in which I jumped in the deep end of the pool and could not get out. I just simply sank. Fortunately, my mother rescued this 7 year old and all was good with the world or so I thought.

My mother recognizing the folly of what just happened and promptly enrolled yours truly in swim class. The shallow end became my place of refuge. As long as I could touch the bottom all became okay. After a couple weeks had passed, our teacher told us we had to swim across the pool by Friday: not in the shallow end, but the deep end. I was terrified! The teacher also told us we could not advance to intermediate swim class unless we swam across the pool. Friday came and I just could not jump in the deep end. My swimming instructor God bless her soul, said I could jump and she would catch me. Well I did jump not in the water, but on top of her. Boy she was not happy so she sent me back to beginning swim. Needless to say I did not advance to intermediate the first part of the summer.

Eventually, my moment of truth came again. Later that Summer, I gained my confidence. I jumped in the deep end and swam across the East Flagstaff Junior School Pool. Victory at Last!

That Summer I learned that although something scares you that with enough practice fear can melt away.

Scott Rulon runs Tax, Accounting, and Financial Advisory Business in Phoenix Arizona. He has been married 25 years to the woman of his dreams: Lisa.